• Premiere Events and Deck Checklist for MLP CCG

    A whole boatload of premiere events are happening this weekend with the official release of the MLP CCG.  A few days ago, Chicagoland sent us an email with details for theirs, and enterplay eventually followed up with details for the masses. 

    From the sounds of it, a few hundred kits went out to stores around the USA (and possibly Canada, though that wasn't mentioned), each with a Twilight Sparkle #P4 participation card and an Eeyup #P8 prize card. 

    Your best bet is to call around at nearby stores you know of that usually run events like this and see what they have planned for the weekend.  Chicagoland for example will be hosting it at Noon, with a 30$ entry fee that includes a starter pack and four booster packs.  Obviously this will vary store by store.

    And in other news, if you want to collect em' all, Enterplay released a MLP CCG checklist.  Find that over here!

    Hopefully this game rocks it.  As someone who was around back during some of the early days of a few other card games, nothing is more fun than seeing them evolve over time.