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    Story: The Amazing Adventures of Captain Invincible (Update 8!)

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Erin Mills
    Description: While re-shelving books at the library, Twilight discovers a journal she gave to Spike years ago contains stories about the great dragon hero Captain Invincible, who fights for Truth, Justice, and the Equestrian Way, defending the city of Ponytopolis from the diabolical Dr. Spectra and other assorted dangers.

    There's just two problems: Spike clearly wanted the stories to be kept private, and Twilight just can't stop reading them.
    The Amazing Adventures of Captain Invincible (New Part 8!) 

    Story: Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale (Update Act 2 Part 13!)


    Author: CEO Kasen and Chessie the Cat
    Description: Monster attacks. Crime. Illegal hallucinogens made from electric fruit.

    They say things didn't use to be like this. They say things were different, before Luna came back 60 years ago, but Detective Hard "Hardy" Boiled of the Detrot Police Department has never known any world other than that demarcated by the seedy streets of his beloved decaying metropolis; a world in which the coroners sing and dance, surveillance bugs have personality disorders, and the Chief of Police is a scarier entity than most of the eldritch things the city attracts.

    The grey unicorn who turned up dead outside the posh High Step Hotel seemed like just another case, but her missing horn is just the pointy tip of a very large and nasty iceberg. It's up to Hardy and his friends - a rejected monster hunter, a psychic cab driver, and an underground antiques heir - to find out what’s going on in an investigation that promises to turn Detrot upside-down and inside-out.

    Especially if Hardy has anything to say about it.
    Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale

    Story: Silent Ponyville (Sidestory 27!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Sounds like even the Pre-readers that have never played Silent Hill really liked this one.

    Author: Jake Heritagu
    Description: Pinkie Pie is being tormented by horrific nightmares. Unable to deal with it by herself anymore she seeks out Twilight's help, but will it have been the best decision when she finds herself alone in an abandoned, fog filled Ponyville?
    Silent Ponyville 

    Story: Boss of Me (New Part 13!)

    [Adventure] [Slice of Life] "This story is an eccentric blend of slice-of-life pony goodness and anime action sensibilities, and the result is like a delicious smoothie." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: ToixStory
    Description: When Sweetie Belle is accepted into the mysterious Canterlot Music Meister Academy, she finds that life in a school filled with eccentric teachers, odd students, and lots of music is anything but normal.
    Boss of Me (New Part 13!) 

    Story: History Repeats (New Part 5!)

    [Adventure][Dark] "Weaving G1 and G4 together is no easy task, but this story takes a very difficult concept and makes it work, bringing an older Megan to Equestria. Worth every word." - Pre-Reader Hide 'n Seek Winner 2-Years Running.

    Author: Saddlesoap Opera
    Description: The history of Equestria spans dozens of centuries, and many terrible
    foes have risen up from the past to threaten the future once more,
    only to be defeated.

    When a vicious and powerful enemy older than any Twilight,
    her friends, or even the Princesses have faced before returns, they will
    have to reach out to an ally just as ancient for help... but is she still
    the heroine she once was?

    This story takes place after the end of Season 3, and draws on G1
    as well as G4 for inspiration.
    History Repeats (New Part 5!)