• My Little Minder: Disturbance is Magic Complete

    Mining and ponies.  I'm going to assume something like that is overly addictive if my ventures into Minecraft are any indication.  The My Little Miner game that has gone through a few beta tests was finally released a few days ago.  For the new people, or for the people that have played it but want a refresher, here is what you can expect:

    - Tutorial and randomly-generated level
    - Rescue the mane six for new characters and a new level with incredible amount of new hazards 
    - Many new powerups
    - Achievement system with 41 achievements ranging from very simple to almost impossible. 
    - Account system, so you can save and load your progress from any computer using your identification key
    - Built-in chat system
    - Built-in replay system
    - Built-in all time highscore system
    - 12 unlockable partners, each with their own set of abilities matching their trait. Keep animals and monsters calm with fluttershy, find gems easier and get a better price out of these with Rarity. Study the volcano with Twilight sparkle, Buck through boulders with Applejack, Break the physics with Pinkie Pie... As more ponies join you, you'll have to choose wisely which partner you want to bring.
    - Can you perform the almighty sonic rainboom with Rainbow Dash?

    Anyway, happy mining! Go play it over here