• Random Merch: Rainbow Dash Watch, Rarity Rainbow Power, Pint Glasses

    Wow, who would have thought we'd be seeing officially licenced beer glasses for a show about cartoon horses originally targeted at 12 year old girls?  That is awesome and insane all at the same time. I completely forgot to ask where they came from, but I'm going to guess Spencers or Hot Topic based on the packaging.  Thanks to Grant for the images!

    And below the break, more random merch!  I wonder if anyone out there actually collects all this stuff?

    Update: Pint Glasses found at HMV

    Rainbow Dash Watch

    Found at Toys R' Us by Jamie

    Lip Balm Set

    Is this a thing that happens in winter? There are a ton of lip balm sets popping up.  Found in Hungary at a store called Rossman by Orange Riff

    Rainbow Dash Boxers


    Found by Eric at Target.

    Pony Coasters

    Found at Ript by Dann, get them over here!

    Sticker Pack

    Found at Hobby Lobby by Jula

    Rainbow Power Rarity

    Brushables, brushables everywhere.  We haven't posted this Rainbow Power Rarity yet.  Apparently she is available at Target. Thanks to Angela for the heads up.

    Bracelets, Hair extensions, and Loads more at Khols

    All found once again by Julia! Get them at Khols apparently!