• Music of the Day #226

    Your new challenge tonight is to figure out a way to turn the concept of hoofboots and pony combat armor into a song.

    And listen to 13 things below.

    [2] Source
    Embattled - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic
    Instrumental - Ochestral

    [3] Source
    Kaoss Walker-Good Guy Discord

    [4] Source
    Baby It's Cold Outside (Feat: MatthewMosierMusic)

    [5] Source
    Ponysphere - Twisted mind
    Ambient Metal

    [6] Source
    Silva Hound Ft Rina - Chan - Hooves Up High (Farcko Remix) [VISUALS]

    [7] Source
    Tears from Heaven (by Silverwing Music)
    Instrumental - Piano

    [8] Source
    Screams From Equestria - The Exact Alignment For Human Extinction
    Vocal - Deathmetal

    [9] Source
    174UDSI - Princess Twilight

    [10] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Silver Bell
    Instrumental - Bells

    [11] Source
    Celestial Balance - Panic
    Instrumental - House

    [12] Source
    [Instrumetal Music Video] TGiuseppe94 - Goodbye, Elements of Harmony

    [13] Source
    I Have to Find a Way 8-Bit
    Remix - 8 bit