• BronyCon Vendor Applications Open, EFNW Panel Signups Begins

    A couple of convention goodies have popped up that are pretty time sensative.  Bronycon has opened up their application for vendors.  If you wanted to sell things, this is the time to sign up to do it. And in other news, Everfree Northwest has started taking applications for panels.

    If either of these interest you, head on down below the break for their press releases!

    BronyCon Vendor Application Opens
    If you're the creative type of pony and love crafting your own wares, BronyCon may just have a vendor booth for you.
    Last year, BronyCon hosted over 150 vendors. This year, we’re slated to have over one-hundred more. In addition, BronyCon is working hard to bring the fun back to vending. We’ll be working closely with our vendors to make 2014 the best vendor hall possible - no matter who you are. Check back soon to see what’s in store.
    If you’re interested in vending at BronyCon, head on over to the application form at http://bronycon.org/vendors/apply/ and show us what you've got!

    ABOUT BRONYCON: BronyCon is a nonprofit convention (501 c 7) that is owned and operated by Lunar Solis, LLC. BronyCon has run five successful events starting on 2011 in New York City, N.Y. BronyCon 2013 in Baltimore attracted 8,407 people, marking a 52 percent increase in attendance over its previous convention in Secaucus, N.J., which had attracted 4,000 attendees.

    EDITORIAL CONTACT: Josh Brems, shutterspeed@bronycon.org

    Everfree Northwest: Open Panel Submissions

    Do you have something to say about My Little Pony, its fans, fandom creations, or anything in general? Is the idea for the next great convention panel rattling in your brain, looking for an outlet? Want to share your fun and interesting insights with fellow MLP fans? Well you're in luck; as of December 1st Everfree Northwest’s panel submissions are open! Last year’s panels were some of our best yet, and we’re looking for your help to make the next convention’s panel lineup ever better. Send your panel ideas to us at events@everfreenw.com for consideration. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

     In your email, if possible please include the following information. If you are unsure, that’s alright; submit with as much information as you can and we’ll work with you to figure out the rest:

    * Title - The name of your panel
    * Short and long description of the event - Describe your event with a short, description and a longer, more in-depth description
    * Contact information - How can we contact you?
    * Presenter name(s) - Name(s) of the panel presenter(s). Please inform us if you add or remove individuals as presenters.
    * Length of time of the panel - How long will your panel run?
    * Materials needed - What are the supplies you will require to run the panel?
    * Room configuration - Will the panel room need to be set up in a specific manner, or will a standard theater room configuration be sufficient?
    * Staff needed - Will you need assistance from the Everfree Northwest staff, for instance with extra A/V or security?
    * Power requirements - Will your panel require power, and if so what will you need to be able to run the panel?
    * Network requirements - Will you need an internet connection, and if so will WiFi be adequate?
    * Required day/time - Are there specific day and/or time requirements for your panel?

    Rating Requirement: As Everfree Northwest is a PG convention, no panels that would require a PG-13 rating or higher will be considered.