• Hot in Cleveland Brony Episode Tonight

    Luna: Always related
    So apparently yesterday's Hot in Cleveland brony trailer was for the episode airing today as some of you had already guessed.  Someone from TV Land sent over a heads up about it.  I suppose we will find out what kind of episode it is in a few hours. Time update: Depends on timezone
    Eddie Cibrian joins the ladies tonight on HOT IN CLEVELAND as a through and through brony. He’s even made his own costume (as Prince Silversaddle) to attend Cleveland Fantasy Con. Check out all the fun tonight on TV Land. We’d like to your fans to check out the episode and live tweet all of the MLPFIM / Brony moments. His character Sean is into all things Fantasy! Include #HICBronies and the Hot in Cleveland team could retweet you.
    Midnight Run looks to be streaming it too, you can find that here once it starts.

    Feel free to discuss it below!  I have a feeling it's going to be... interesting.