• Story Updates - January 2nd

    Story updates! We go!

    Story: Therapist Visit (Update Part 4!)


    Author: ABagOVicodin
    Description: Luna's disposition worsens after Twilight Sparkle once again outdoes the Princess by fighting back another evil foe. Princess Luna wishes to speak with somepony, and finds that a therapist is her only possible choice.
    Therapist Visit

    Story: Clop It! (New Part 3!)

    [Comedy][Random][Shipping] "This story takes what could have very easily been disastrous, offensive material and turns it into fantastic, over-the-top parody. This is a story I'm going to be eagerly awaiting more chapters of." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: PrettyMonster
    This is not a clop fic.

    Twilight Sparkle and her friends awaken to find themselves far from home, being held captive by their ruler. Princess Celestia insists that the fate of Equestria rests upon their treatment, but it quickly becomes apparent that her motives might be very different than what she claims.

    Mysteries abound, but can our heroines survive the horror that is... Straight Camp?!
    Clop It!

    Story: Head Full of Cotton Candy (Update Sequel!)


    Author: TheManWithTwoNames
    Description: It is the responsibility of a king to care for his people and maintain order in his kingdom. That shouldn’t be much trouble for a ruler as powerful as Discord, right? With his faithful and insecure advisor at his side, the draconequus sets out to explore his new world and personally see to it that peace reigns in Equestria.

    However, the ponies want nothing to do with their frightening new ruler, and the unamused Spirits of Equestria aim to drag the Spirit of Chaos away before he can cause any more harm. Can the Spirit of Chaos be the ruler Equestria needs? Or is he truly doomed to become the monster he is seen to be?
    Head Full of Cotton Candy Prologue 

    Story: Repercussions (Update Part 19!)


    Author: Tony "GaryOak" Genovese
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle hits a wall in her research on Princess Celestia, a new face in Ponyville gives her the spark she needs to overcome it. But after his arrival, ominous events are set into motion. Soon, Twilight must choose her side in a conflict that will decide Equestria's fate.

    Story: Somepony Who Loves You (Update Sequel 2 Part 5!)

    [Grimdark] [Sad] [Shipping] All I wanted was a picture of a zombie pony. That was a harder search than I would have thought.

    Author: Nine
    Description: Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. Sometimes, a good pony has to do bad things. Sometimes, some of these things involve the undead.
    Somepony Who Loves You 

    Story: Thrown Abroad (Update Sequel Part 5!)


    Author: Niaeruzu
    Description: A single changeling is blamed for making Chrysalis' plan to take over Equestria fail. He's banished and thrown out of the hive, ending up somewhere far away.

    Luckily, he ends up not too far from a certain well-known village, where he can feed to his heart's content.

    Needless to say, not everything goes according to plan.
    My Little Changeling - Friendship is Weird