• Music of the Day #46

    Luna demands you send genres! Are you going to go against her wishes? I think not.

    We have 22 songs this time around from all walks of music life.  I'm sure you will all find something you like in here! Now go!

    [1] Source
    My Little Pony Fan Music - The Noble Dragon Code
    Genre: Instrumental

    [2] Source
    Blaze - Fluttershy's Assertiveness
    Genre: Instrumental - Dubstep

    [3] Source
    Applechaser-Cloud and Kenneth
    Genre:Instrumental - Electro Pop

    [4] Source
    Confrontation - DJDelta0
    Genre: Instrumental - Battle Theme

    [5] Source
    Enlightened - Mirror Pool
    Genre: Instrumental

    [6] Source
    The Amulet
    Genre: Instrumental - Trance

    [7] Source
    Radiarc - Land of the Griffons
    Genre: Instrumental -

    [8] Source
    Daniel Ingram - Raise This Barn (Varia Remix) [Electro House]
    Genre: Remix

    [9] Source
    Genre: Acoustic

    [10] Source
    Hay Ms. Derpy (Forest Rain) - Cover by DannyBrony
    Genre: Vocal

    [11] Source
    The Moon Rises (Female Cover)
    Genre: Vocal

    [12] Source
    Power of the Elements - Perfect Harmony
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [13] Source
    The Ballad of Bon Bon (MLP:FIM song)
    Genre: Vocal

    [14] Source
    Meadow's Breeze (Fluttershy)
    Genre: Instrumental -

    [15] Source
    Raise This Barn (DJPinkElite Remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [16] Source
    Prelude to Equestria [Original Composition by NomNom]
    Genre: Instrumental

    [17] Source
    Pinkie Partie Brigade (GX Streak)
    Genre: Instrumental

    [18] Source
    Raise This Barn (174UDSI Remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [19] Source
    BronEstep - Hearth's Warming Ending
    Genre: Instrumental

    [20] Source
    Buck'em Up, Buck'em Down
    Genre: Instrumental

    [21] Source
    Louder to the Yay (Element6 Remix)
    Genre: Instrumental - House

    [22] Source
    Sim Gretina - So Shy (Thomas H. Remix)
    Genre: Instrumental Remix

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