• Nightly Roundup #542


    Luna all the roundups~

    We have cake, mods, projects, and more tonight! Have some nightly roundup stuff!

    Pony Cake

    Military cake! Delicious

    Black Mesa Bass Canon Mod

    Vinyl Scratch would be proud. 

    Project Equestria Seeks VA's

    Copy Paste: 
    Our team at PEP (Project Equestria Productions) would like to give YOU the chance to strut your stuff and show off your skills. If you are a new up and coming VA, give this a try, and don’t be intimidated; we judge only on your skill and passion as a VA, not your past experience--though we would like to know what you have done in the past.
    Here’s what we are looking for this time around:
     - Voice actors, both male and female, there are a wide variety of roles to fill, but here's what we need specifically:
       - 1 Rainbow Dash VA
       - 1 Gilda VA
       - 1 British VA
       - 1 “Average Joe” VA
       - 1 Billy Mays impersonator
       - And approximately 2-6 VA’s who can adapt and do various voices
    If you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected]com including the following details:
     - Your name and online nickname (if applicable)
     - Links to any previous experience (if applicable) 
     - One audio clip, between 2 and 15 minutes long, of you acting in the personality of the voice(s) that you are applying for. You may attempt as many voices as you feel necessary. Please include a script of what you read.


    Cantercast Daily 16

    Cantercast 16 Show notes

    Lou flies solo and dashes through a couple of topics including Hot in Cleveland, the comics and a couple of audio plays. He also talks about bronies and feminists to try to engage in discussion!

    Come, tune in and enjoy the ride!
    Voice of Equestria 25

    Hope everyone had a merry Christmas (or whatever other holiday you may celebrate) and a happy new year.  VoE is back for 2013, with special guest Warbalist!  We've got some interesting news, two episodes to discuss, and a lot of feels in our Fan Media Spotlights and One Cool Things.  Come check it out!



    Successful Meetups

    Tulsa Meetup

    The Tulsa Bronies had a Christmas/New Year party. With a pot luck, a Secret Santa, live music, and lots of fun! Make sure to join us next time. Keep up with us at Tulsa Bronies on Facebook.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Sac Anime Meetup

    This marks the anniversary of the debut of Sacramento Brony Meet Up and we would like for all of you to join us to celebrate at the upcoming SacAnime!  The convention location has changed, but we will follow the same system of having a meet up every day of the convention at noon by the garden, where many meet ups will be held. There will be many surprises and we definitely want all of you to join our anniversary event!  We are also going to have a booth at Artist's Alley, where we will be selling merchandise for our convention... Stay tuned... Convention Address: Sacramento Convention Center  1400 J Street  Sacramento, CA 95814  Costs of the Convention: Friday Only: $20.00 Saturday Only: $30.00 Sunday Only: $15.00 Weekend: $40.00  We look forward in seeing you all there!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Glass Pendants
    Trixie! Plushie