• Artist Training Grounds - Episode Edition Starts Tonight!

    So you want to be an artist do you?  Tired of using Pony Creator puppets as your OC everywhere you go? Looking for an upgrade? Or maybe you secretly think Snips and Snails need more fan art and want to do something about it?  It's time to push yourself! It's time for the Artist Training Grounds!

    This one is going to be a bit different than usual, and not officially cut into the training ground of 2013.  As mentioned in the post from last week,  once a week on Tuesday, a prompt will be posted up at night for you all to invade based on whatever episode came out that week.  The deadline for your drawings will be the following Wednesday at midnight.  That means you have just one day to bust out a pony, be it on a napkin at a restaurant or a 6 hour marathon digital drawing.  It's all up to you!

    What is the Artist Training Grounds? 
    The ATG is a 30 day event  we run once a year, where everyone with a pencil or mouse and mspaint is invited to draw something!  The entire point is to learn the skill, or improve your current ability.  It doesn't matter if you have lived in an anti-art hermit country for your entire life and don't even know how a pencil works! It's time to learn!

    But I don't even know where to start!
    Neither do most of us, but we do it anyway though! There are an unlimited amount of ways to learn to draw, from developing your own style right out the gate, to referencing other's work (my personal favorite).  This community also pumps out a bunch of tutorials.  Head on down past the break for some of those!  Remember: It's OK to reference! Almost everyone does it!

    When does it officially start? 
    Expect prompt number one and specific information on how to submit your drawing at 10:00 PM PST.

    You have half a day to get your tablets out of storage, install your programs, set up your scanners, and sharpen your pencils!  And once again, guides can be found after the break. 

    Pony Part Tutorials
    Pony Faces
    Pony Simple Eyes
    Pony Clothing
    Pony Heads

    Complete Pony Tutorials
    Simple Shapes to Pony
    Everything Pony Guide 
    Tsitra's Pony Guide

    Specific Pony Color Guide
    SAI Coloring Guide
    Photoshop Coloring Guide

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here