• Nightly Roundup #529

    Luna's most certainly busy tonight stalking the dreamscape for nightmares to squash before they become too big of a problem. Hopefully she has been keeping your dreams safe and happy!

    Time for the news, check it out after the break.

    MLPchan Christmas Write-off Submissions Are In!

    The Write-off submissions are finally in! Who will be the lucky winner? Check out the information below to decide! Remember, the lucky winner will be awarded one of four MLP comics!

    The Christmas Write-off fics have all been submitted and are now available for reading and voting:

    Lost on the Moon on Floppy Drives

    At least floppy drives have found some use in the modern era. I still have a bunch of floppy disks gathering dust in some boxes at home. Ah, a simpler time.

    Andrea Libman's Charity on Television

    Station WTVY has recently done a little piece on the success of Andrea Libman's fundraiser. Ponies are in the news so often it's hardly a surprise this news item was picked up by some station! Check out the link below for the article.

    Andrea Libman Charity Success

    A Number of Wonderbolt Academy Reviews

    The number of people giving their professional opinion on pony episodes has really risen as of late. For you guys out there that like reading what critics have to say feel free to browse the selection of reviews for the latest episode below.

    Copy Paste:

    A positive one from TV.com

    TV.com Review

    Unlease the Fanboy does NOT share Cereal's Enthusiasm on "Wonderbolts Academy". In fact, this is the lowest amount of stars they've given a S3 episode to date:

    Neither does this guy:

    Outhousers have their unique take:

    Season's Greetings From the DC Brony Group

    Copy Paste:

    To the crew of Equestria Daily and ALL of the Bronies out there in the community, the DC Bronies would like to extend a heartfelt Happy Hearth's Warming to you all.  Last Saturday we put together a live performance of the Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant and we now have the recording to share with all of you.  Clouds were fought, chimneys became think-tanks, unicorns were be-dazzled and hearts were melted.  So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy (and skip ahead to 19:32 if you just want our holiday "card" to all of you).

    Minecraft Note Blocks - Babs Seed and This Day Aria

    It's quite amazing what people can come up with when they have a lot of time and talent on their hands. Check out these Minecraft versions of Babs Seed and This Day Aria below.

    MLP Blind Bags Hit Mexico!

    The MLP Blind Bags have hit Mexico, spreading pony merchandise to another part of the world. Wondering what pony is hidden in the blind bag you're eyeing? Well, some good brony has got you covered! Check out the code guide in the picture below or visit the creator's page here.

    iTunes Australia "We Love Cutie Marks" Pack

    Australian bronies have a new package up on iTunes for all things Cutie Marks! Included are four episodes starring the CMC as they quest to find their special talents. If you're a fan of the CMC and happen to live in the land down under, check out the set at the link below.

    iTunes Australia Store


    Voice of Equestria - Episode 23

    Copy Paste:

    Yeah, we missed a week again.  We're sorry.
    In an attempt to make up for it, though, we've got a doozy of an episode this week, along with two very special guests this week:  None other than fan voice actresses Jessi Nowack (A.K.A. Nowacking) and Rina-Chan!
    Unfortunately, neither one of them could stick around for the entire episode.  :(  Hopefully we'll be able to fix that at some point in the future.  Still, it was great having them on.  Come check it out!



    Successful Meetups

    Kissimmee, Florida Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Bronies from the Florida also came to Holiday Matsuri 2012, most walking around, some joined one quick photoshoot on Day 2, and a few entered the cosplay competition too, Day 3. A bit crowded but all was well.
    Colorado Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    Last night, some of the ColoradoBronies.org members got together for a Secret Santa meet!  After meeting at the Park Meadows mall, board games were played, gifts were given, and generally, a good time was had by all.
    BONC Hearth's Warming Eve Meetup

    Monterrey, Mexico Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronies Chile Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Invitamos a todos los Bronies y Pegasisters de Chile a participar en La Quinta MeetUp Official a nivel Nacional de nuestra Comunidad BroniesChile a Desarrollarse el Dia 12 de Enero en el Parque Ohiggins en Santiago

    Habran Asado, Bebidas,Juegos, Concursos, karaoke, y muchos premios a Repartir!
    Los esperamos!

    Info y Link del Evento: https://www.facebook.com/events/461433707212954/
    Legends of Equestria -24 hour Livestreaming Event

    24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86 400 seconds...
    Legends of Equestria presents our 24 hour event, live! We will once again create, design and write live for 24 hours! Where you, as the public, can see how we create our content for the game!

    What will you see during this 24 hour event? Progress on Canterlot, the capital city of Equestria! A great deal has been planned!

    You'll also get to interact with the staff, ask us questions during several Q/A sessions, and chat with your fellow fans!

    The event starts the 4th of January, 8pm EST and ends 24 hours later!
    Hope to see you all there!

    Link to the Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/legendsofequestria

    Daring Duo Adventures Podcast Needs Help

    Copy Paste:

    Salutations, fellow adventurers! Welcome to Daring Duo Adventures, starring Midnight Ember and his sidekick BlazeLimit! On this show (to be aired on YouTube) we will go through all kinds of extravagant adventures while acting as actual adventurers... which we are, not to worry, my fillies. We will ADVENTURE through many video games (with spectacular commentary), host discussions of key stories and controversies throughout the fandom (while avoiding draining too much of your time), and many other possibilities! Each video will be made into a single storybook (series/playlist) divided by chapters (parts). Inspired by Game Grumps and the many wonderful dynamic duos such as Saberspark and Paleo before us we seek to entertain, and entertain we shall! We will also have new characters come about our adventures from time-to-time, familiar or unfamiliar!

    But we need your help! We are looking for video editors who can trim down our full videos into 10-15 minute chapters and apply visual gags (you wonderful fillies go GAGA for those!), as well as graphical artists who can design artwork, logos, and thumbnail art! If you wish to help us fellow troopers of adventure, please, notify yours truly at loveandtolerategames@gmail.com, and explain how you wish to take part and provide a Skype, if you have one. Thank you very much! ADVENTURE!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Cookie Cutters
    Pencil Cases
    Stained Glass Luna and Celestia