• Desktop Ponies - Piles of Updates

    A long time ago in a pony fandom far far away, a little program going by the name of Desktop ponies emerged that could plaster an army of ponies all over your computer to wander around and get in the way of your mouse pointer.

    Fast forward to today, and the program has a whopping 149 characters spanning all three seasons. It's also much less resource intensive, allowing you to have a ridiculous amount of ponies even on a mid-range PC.

    Head on down past the break for their full press release and information on what has been added over the years, or hit up their forums to comment on their sprite work (that has been used in a multitude of pony games)

    The most obnoxious laptop ever

    Update: Site Died, Alternate link here.

    Hey Everypony,

    We are the Desktop Pony Team http://desktopponies.bugs3.com
    . We are sure some of you have heard about us or at least have seen our sprites being used as avatars, in games and PMVs. Well we invite you to come check our project out. In short, we make little ponies to trot and talk and do interactions on your desktop. If it's been awhile since you last saw us, we have made many enhancements.

    Our program now hosts 149 ponies and non ponies alike. Our code has been improved to where it's not a monster hog and even slower computers can usually host all the ponies. Middle of the road computers have had over 900 ponies up and running. Though until you've built up your pony tolerance you might want to start off with a little less.

    Profiles can now be made where you can easily switch from your villain covered desktop setup to your favorite fillies, to your favorite backgrounds, to just your waifu. You can even set it up so your screensaver has a different setup from the rest. We also have pony houses now like the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!!'s stage where she'll draw a new crowd or run off those she's already humiliated. You can have different ponies come and go out of them and you can customize your pony's living arrangements so only your favorites trade off.

    The biggest change has to be for those who were unable to use our program before due to not having windows. Well, we now have it up and running for Mac and Unix! There are still some bugs present but they are getting sorted out as they come up. Just look in the readme for how to set it up.

    We also still have it easy to add your own pony to the program and edit existing ones with our built in pony editor. You can add MP3s to make them talk and create interactions between them like talking to each other or dancing together.

    If you want to keep abreast of the news or feel like contributing with either code or art then come join us at our new website http://desktopponies.bugs3.com on ponychan http://www.ponychan.net/chan/collab/res/43172.html or deviant art http://desktop-pony-team.deviantart.com/. We also like seeing what you guys are doing with our artwork so drop us a line so the group can see what you have been up to and remember that our sprites are free use and we like seeing them stay that way so please keep anything using them free. Also give us some credit so that others can find us and so the many talented individuals who work hard making these sprites get the credit they deserve.

    Thank you and enjoy
    ~Desktop Pony Team