• Artist Training Grounds - Wonderbolts Academy Edition

    I hope you got your art equipment ready! As was promised, today's Artist Training Ground challenge will be based on the Wonderbolts Academy episode.  I'm going to roll with a tier system for those of you that are new to this.  Feel free to jump in on any, but Spitfire wouldn't deal with artists that aren't willing to challenge themselves, so choose wisely!

    Tier 1 - Training Grounds Initiate
    Draw a pegasus at the Wonderbolts Academy.  He or she can be training, doing laps, sleeping, whatever you damn well please!  The only rule: it must be a pegasus, and they must be at the academy.  Uniform optional.

    Tier 2 - Experienced Training Grounder
    Draw a non-pegasus pony learning to fly at the academy.  With the influx of new technologies in Equestria, ponies everywhere have been innovating new ways to fly! Earth ponies are building wing saddles and aircraft, while Unicorns are perfecting their wing creation magic.  How you want to go about it is up to you!

    Tier 3 - Training Grounds Veteran
    Your non-pegasus pony is the top of their class! He or she has been nominated for this year's Wonderbolts selection.  Draw the celebration, how they fly, and their honorary Wonderbolts suit!  Can you handle all of this in just a day? I'd recommend starting with tier 2 if you think you will run out of time!

    Submissions close at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday, December 19th (Tomorrow).  For the sake of the training ground, this is a strict cutoff!  Procrastinate wisely. 

    Where do I submit?
    Head on over to this page and click "Drawing Training Ground - Wonderbolts Academy Edition", and fill in all the sections to submit. 

    If you need help with finding the URL of an image, head on down past the break for a tutorial on that, as well as a re-link of the drawing tutorials from earlier.

    Now grab your pencils, mice, markers, ballpoint pens, or whatever else you want to draw with, and get started!  Good luck!

    Drawing Tutorials:

    Pony Part Tutorials
    Pony Faces
    Pony Simple Eyes
    Pony Clothing
    Pony Heads

    Complete Pony Tutorials
    Simple Shapes to Pony
    Everything Pony Guide 
    Tsitra's Pony Guide
    J-Z-A Pony Guide

    Specific Pony Color Guide
    SAI Coloring Guide
    Photoshop Coloring Guide

    URL Grabbing tutorial: 

    We will be using our EQD submission system.  Simply click the "Drawing Training Grounds - Wonderbolts Academy Edition" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be one extra submit allowed if you derp something, but at two you will be locked out, so make sure its done when you send it!

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below.  We will only be taking submissions through the submitter, so be sure to follow it. 

    Paste your URL Here: