• My Little Pony Mobile Game Information

    Along with all the comic stuff popping up, My Little Pony Project had a playable demo of the upcoming Gameloft game.  Apparently that screenshot from a while back was pretty accurate, from the sounds of it we will be seeing a city building style game, in the role of Twilight Sparkle.

    Sara, one of the people that had a chance to play it, sent this in:
    Played on an ipad tonight at the PonyProject preview.  She described it as a "Sims Style game" where you start as Twilight Sparkle and have to rebuild Ponyville and all the houses to add more characters.  There are currently 3 mini games aside from the main story of the game.  The Dash game is a mini game as well as the one I played which was literally just bouncing a ball with a random pony (I got BonBon).  The GameLoft people also said it will be available on Droid and Apple platforms and will be a free download from teh app stores with free downloadable content later on.  They also said it would not require internet access to play which was a relief for long plane trips and subway rides underground. :D
     Time to build some Ponyville!

    Update: And Purple Tinker tossed a few tidbits of information about it too! It's after the break though due to length.

    a) It will contain a large number of minigames, in a manner similar to-- but, I'm assured, different from-- the Wario games.
    b) It will feature unlockable characters.
    c) It will provide canon names for at least some characters previously named only in fanon. For instance, I saw the actual canon name of one of the Big Lebowski ponies from the bowling alley scene.
    d) Character models are rendered, somewhat puzzlingly, in 3D. They look a bit different than we're used to, but the game is still in dev (I noticed at least one 'TEXT STRING MISSING' sort of error message) and this may change.
    e) At least one of the games seems to have a rudimentary physics engine; it involves playing ball. (On the demo unit, the pony bouncing said ball was, of all ponies, Bon-Bon. I did not notice if she was named on screen or not; presumably not, due to IP issues with that name. However, as ponies are unlockable, presumably the player character will be able to play as any pony who has been unlocked.) At a cursory glance, the ponies' motion seems to be governed by a system of bones and vertices (think QWOP, but without all the falling-over and ridiculous difficulty), not merely pre-computed animation cycles. But that may simply be misremembrance.