• Custom Compilation #89

    It's been quite awhile since our last custom compilation. It isn't because we've been receiving fewer emails, heavens no, but instead in how we have been sorting crafts. Hopefully you guys will like the new sorting system! You'll see what I'm talking about later on, so stay tuned.

    As part of this new system, customs are now based around creations made using modified official merchandise (blind bags, brushables, ect) only. Please continue sending in shoes, ties, wood workings, sculpts, papercrafts, ect though! You'll see why soon...

    Anyhow, enough rambling, check out our pony customs after the break!

    Source 1
    SOLD: DJ PON3 Fashion Style Custom

    Source 2
    My Little Custom: Wet Mane Rarity

    Source 3
    My Little Custom: Surprise

    Source 4
    Fashion Style Ponet Custom - Glamour Shot

    Source 5
    Lyra and Bon bon

    Source 6
    MLP- S2 Luna Custom

    Source 7
    MLP- Shining Armor Custom

    Source 8
    Canterlot Gardens Custom - Grevillea

    Source 9
    Octavia Custom blind Bag Minature

    Source 10
    Lyra Heartstrings Blind Bag Customs

    Source 11
    Big Macintosh Custom Blind Bag Minature

    Source 12
    Custom Fluttershy 2.0

    Source 13
    Sculpted Hair Princess Luna

    Source 14
    Fashion Style Wonderbolts Derpy Hooves

    Source 15
    Show-Accurate Big Macintosh

    Source 16
    Derpy Hooves Blindbag

    Source 17
    Show-Accurate Mane Six

    Source 18
    Blind Bag Custom: Gala Pinkie Pie

    Source 19
    Queen Chrysalis McDonalds Custom 2

    Source 20
    Princess Luna McDonalds Custom 2

    Source 21
    Octavia Custom

    Source 22
    Princess Luna Blindbag Custom 5

    Source 23
    Little Luna Custom

    Source 24
    Nightmare Moon Custom

    Source 25
    Luna Custom

    Source 26
    Trixie Custom

    Source 27
    Future Sparkle


    Source 28
    Bridesmaid Fluttershy

    Source 29
    Trixie Custom


    Source 30
    Gala Rarity Blindbag


    Source 31
    Mrs Cup Cake G4 Custom Pony

    Source 32
    Mr. Carrot Cake G4 Custom Pony

    Source 33
    Prince Blueblood G4 Custom Pony

    Source 34
    Mayor Mare G4 Custom Pony

    Source 35
    Thunderlane G4 Custom Pony

    Source 36
    Twinkleshine G4 Custom pony

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