• Nightly Roundup #466

    Luna just seems appropriate for the Nightly Roundups, she is the Princess of the Night after all! Hope you all have a great weekend planned out filled with lots to do, pony or not.

    Time for the news! Check it after the break.

    Silent Ponyville Audio Book

    For you fanfic lovers out there, an audio reading of Silent Ponyville has been completed and is currently up on Youtube! Check it out in the link below.


    Project Interlude Episode Airs Saturday!

    The guys working on Project Interlude want us to remind you that their episode, Dusk's Dawn, will be airing on BronyTV Saturday at 3pm EST! Tune in if you're interested and pony up your day.


    Hey Ocean Appears on Canadian Radio, Talks Ponies

    Hey Ocean recently appeared on Canadian radio, giving a live performance and talking about the fandom in general. Pretty neat I must say. Check out more details and a link to the audio below.

    Hey Ocean was featured today on CBC radio in Canada and they played live in the studio. Near the end of the interview the band talks about the MLP movement. 

    Skip to 1:23:56 for MLP part.  

    To listen to podcast: 

    To download file:

    Brony Drill Sargent Pleasantly Surprised

    I really enjoy the stories about pony fans in the military, they always seem to be awesome in one way or another. This one of a brony drill sargent is no exception!

    Facebook Link

    More Pony Tattoos!

    Ponyinabox - Daring Do Adventures Teaser

    The guys at Ponyinabox are currently working on an audio production of Daring Do Adventures. They've released a teaser to drum up interest which you can check out below.


    Babble with Bronies - Episode 24

    Copy Paste:
    Howdy y'all!

    This week, we're watching S1E9, Bridle Gossip. There's also a lot of content, so if music, PMV's and art are your thing, stop on by!

    Time: 4:00 pm EST/ 3:00 pm CST (16:00/ 15:00 c) (UTC -4/ -5 with DST in effect)
    Date: Saturday, October 13th
    Website: http://babblewithbronies.tripod.com/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/babblewithbronies
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BwBofficial
    Pony 411 - Episode 8

    Copy Paste:

    Oh, hello there! Episode 8 of Pony 411 is here, and with an intro song by Artfan. Finally. Anyway, we delve into some news, including Borderlands 2 pony references, Walmart not quite getting it, new blindbag ponies, EQLA news, and more.

    After that, considering the fact that Friendship is Magic turned 2 years old, we talk about how we got into the show, when, and why we love it so much. A glimpse into the crazy minds of your hosts.

    Four String then does an interview with Starshine and Darkly Cute, two of the organizers of Trotcon, and they talk about their plans for 2013.

    And finally, the usual fan content, including fanfiction, art, and music.

    We're on iTunes! Check us out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pony-411/id556464301

    You can also download this episode directly from our Libsyn page: http://pony411.libsyn.com/

    Twitter: @pony411, @fourstringmlp, @nemesisprime1, @artfan88, @lordfunkyfist

    The Lightning Round - Episode 19

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 19th episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have an interview with Great Dinn and Corey W. William about their new project Newsponies.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.  For all the links on this weeks show check out the show notes here: 


    Successful Meetups

    Portland, Oregon Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    New Zealand Armageddon Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Come and meet up with some fellow bronies/pegasisters at the 2012 Auckland, New Zealand, Armageddon Expo on Saturday the 20th of October! Anypony planning on going that day are welcome to come, have fun and make some new friends.
    More details can be found on the FB event:


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