• Craft Compilation #1 - Introduction

    Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce a new feature on the site. As some of you already know from the customs post, we have a new organization system for customs. Custom posts are now dedicated to modified official merch (blindbags, brushables, ect) while everything from ties, shoes, sculpts, anything else will be included in our new Craft posts! Hopefully these new posts will allow more people to be spotlit and provide a slightly better sorting system so people can find what they want.

    On to the first set of crafts guys! Charge!

    Source 1
    Derpy Dice Bag

    Source 2
    Twilight Sparkle Sculpt

    Source 3
    Discord Sculpt

    Source 4
    Dr. Whooves Sculpt

    Source 5
    Philomeena Paper-Mache

    Source 6
    MLP:FIM Luna miniature

    Source 7
    MLP:FIM Octavia miniature

    Source 8
    Queen Chrysalis papercraft

    Source 9
    The Great and Kitty-Resistant Trixie!

    Source 10
    Fluttershy (Free custom pony winner)

    Source 11
    Luna's Cutie Mark Patch

    Source 12
    Embroidered Cutie Mark Patches

    Source 13
    NLR CE patchs

    Source 14
    Ponygirls Just Want to Have Fun handmade ornaments

    Source 15
    MLP Spike felt keyring

    Source 16
    MLP Parasprite pendant

    Source 17
    MLP Pound Cake keyring

    Source 18

    Source 19
    Peculiar dance

    Source 20

    Source 21
    Hey, sugarcube!

    Source 22
    Twilight Scarves

    Source 23
    Derpy Pillow

    Source 24

    Source 25
    Pull On My Heartstrings

    Source 26
    Spring Daisy

    Source 27
    Le Luna

    Source 28

    Source 29
    Hoodie with felted Fluttershy deisgn

    Source 30
    Princess Celestia

    Source 31
    Rainbow Dash Wristbands

    Source 32
    Princess Luna

    Source 33
    OOAK Princess Luna Turn

    Source 34
    MLP Photo Finish Keychain Charm

    Source 35
    MLP Filly Princess Luna Key Chain Charm

    Source 36
    MLP Filly Pinkie Pie Key Chain Charm

    Source 37
    Fluttershy vignette

    Source 38
    My Little Pony At The Gala Music Box

    Source 39
    Rainbow Dash Stained Glass

    Source 40
    Daring Do Hat Papercraft

    Source 41
    Derpy Blob Papercraft

    Source 42
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Bracelet

    Source 43
    Changeling Challenge Boxes (Store)

    Source 44
    Little Filly Dashie Pillow Pony 4 sale

    Source 45
    Princess Luna Filly head turner sculpture 2

    Source 46
    Princess Luna is Having A Ball - revisited 2

    Source 47
    Rainbow Dash Woodwork: Rainboom Flight

    Source 48
    Filly Pinkie Pie

    Source 49

    Source 50


    Source 51
    CC and DD Paper Plushies

    Source 52
    Fausticon Sculpt


    Source 53
    Soda Can Dash

    Source 54 - Derek
    Pony Banner

    Source 55

    Source 56 - Osti
    Vinyl Painting

    Source 57
    Twilight Sparkle Pillow


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