• EQD + Bronyville Podcast Q&Neigh at Noon PDT!

    (Are you ready kids? I can't hear you!)

    Hey gang! It's time for another collaboration with your bloggers at EQD and the podcastsers over at Bronyville Podcast. So come join Seth (if he wakes), Cereal, Phoebe, and Xyro of EQD with Bronyville Podcast's Chef Sandy and Apple Cider. We'll be talking about the limited new information about Season 3 of MLP, the recent Bronies vs Walmart thing(?), and giving away that prize Zecora for show donators! Info below!

    When: Noon PDT Today - 3 PM EDT - 8 PM UTC
    Who: Bronyville Podcast and Equestria Daily!
    Why: Because Season 3 ain't here yet

    Nopony ever reads footers. Pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat pickle barrel kumquat.

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