• Pony Happy Meal Toys heading to the Middle East!

    It looks like the McDonalds pony toys have started popping up all over the middle east! Some are planned for a September drop, while others are already letting them and their Transformers counterparts loose.  So far the following countries have been confirmed by the UAE Brony Facebook page:

    :bulletblack: Bahrain
    :bulletblack: Egypt
    :bulletblack: Jordan
    :bulletblack: Kuwait
    :bulletblack: Oman
    :bulletblack: Qatar
    :bulletblack: Saudi Arabia (Jeddah sector)
    :bulletblack: Saudi Arabia (Riyadh sector)
    :bulletblack: United Arab Emirates

    Sadly, Cheerilee has been dropped from the equasion.  The poor girl...   She was so excited too.  I don't know who this Lillyblossom upstart is, but that's not the best teacher on the planet that I've come to know and love. 

    Actually, maybe I shouldn't insult her based on our 2011 predictions of characters... 

    Thanks to Assad for the heads up and lists!

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