• Review: Rainbow Dash Fizzy Cherry Splash

    What happens when you bottle the very essence of RAINBOW DASH in a can? What happens when you CONSUME the contents of said can!?   There aren't enough electrolytes in the UNIVERSE to handle the amount of raw power that will suddenly spring to your everywhere.  

    Fizzy Cherry Splash, AKA edible enriched URANIUM has the misleading taste of what you would find in a white cherry icee while visiting a movie theater.  Don't let it fool you though. Drinking this at any movie would literally tear the fabric of space and time.  Ever wanted to be James Bond or Harry Potter?  Do you want to single handedly take out the Death Star with nothing but a Vibroblade and 70's mix tape?  Yeah, this will do that, and more.  In fact, Captain Jack Sparrow himself will pop up at your wedding after your dream girl/guy (or mare/colt if you want to be a pony, cause you WILL have the power to do that) immediately falls in love with you. 

    So would I recommend a life-changing experience?  Hell yeah I would.  Go get some.

    Note: Rainbow Dash Fizzy Cheery Splash will only give you SUPERPOWERS if you TRULY BELIEVE. 
    Note 2: Rainbow Dash Fizzy Cherry Splash is not actually an energy drink.
    Note 3: Trixie is still better.