• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 28

    Rainbow Dash is best gentleman. I'm sorry for the super vertical image, but it had to be done. T'would be a crime against fabulosity not to use it, I'm sure you'll agree. I also kind of like the metaphor of this image for any of you longstaying ATGers when you look at your art and see how far you've come. I think the only appropriate word for it is swag. Dashie joins a collection of 349 of the fanciest, schmanciest ponies you've ever laid eyes on. And those ponies join a total gallery of 15271 images. Now that is what I call excellent.

    To submit for Day28 (already? Sheez), follow the link and fill out the form like you've been doing all month. It's not too hard, right? But if you need to reach me, you can do it at [email protected].

    It's hard to believe we're so close to the end. Just a few more days, and I won't be up past 2 in the morning sorting ponies and thinking of themes or answering e-mails. Just a few more days, and you'll be doing whatever you want, moving onto your own projects instead of dancing to my themes. I very much hope you'll continue to draw.  For today, Draw a pony moving on/Draw a pony charging.

    But tonight! Tonight we're at the Gala! And I've been dreaming, I've been waiting, to watch you draw these ponies. The ATG, it's teaching tricks, building your skills just for kicks. And Phoe can't help but notice - you've gotten so much better! Just love to see my pupils tonight at the gaalaaaaa~

    ...I don't care what anybody says, it's still one of the best songs of the series.