• Rumor: Possible Rainbow Dash Promo Card at London Toy Event?

    See that up there? That's the special foil Rainbow Dash card that Enterplay gave out at ComicCon. They didn't hand out more than a couple hundred, and last we looked a few of these had been floating around eBay for around $300. They're kind of sought after, is what I'm getting at.

    Well, cue a peculiar e-mail from somebody claiming to work at a London department store called Selfridges, claiming that on September 8, the store will host a My Little Pony event. Supposedly, Enterplay is going to have a presence at this event.

    Now, if we look at their site and click the 'MLP Promo Cards Are a Rarity' tab, you'll notice they've promised to release more of the limited edition Dash card at "future fan events". Hmmmmmm.

    We're checking into this, but so far have been unable to verify anything. Still, if you live in that area you should probably go check that out. If it's true, you'll get to snag a very rare piece of pony merch for yourself. Seems worth a shot to me.