• National Pony Writing Month Final Week Pep Talk

    Cadance is just happy you haven't burned out yet. 
    It's the final stretch, and Noble Cause is back with yet another pep talk for all you crazy writers out there learning to marathon words! Check out his pep talk below! 
    Week Three is behind us, my legendary writers!  After the 50 K still? show of hooves, who's still going for it? Hope you have at least 33,900 to show for it, if you're wanting to keep pace.

    So, I'm already getting story submissions, and that's awesome! It actually leads into a question I had.  Last year for the event roundup, it was nothing more than a list of the author's name, the title of their work(s), and their word count.  Would anypony participating like their work linked, for others to read after the event's done and over? maybe get some new readers among the group of us all? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

    Any questions so far? Want to talk? I'm still looking into that IRC channel, and website for after the event.  I know a couple ponies wanted to get in on designing a site.  Hit me up at [email protected],  I'm eager to hear what you all have to say!

    ... Besides, my weekend's coming up.  I'm planning on marathoning both seasons between Friday and Sunday.  Can never have too much pony, am I right?

    - Noble Cause

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