• Nightly Roundup #415

    Doesn't Angel like anything? He should really listen to Fluttershy and just eat the yummy bagel. Oh well, maybe he will learn his lesson someday.

    News time folks! Check after the break.

    Apple Daily and Singapore Newspaper Features Pony Gangnam Style

    A Taiwanese site has posted a video including the recent Pony Gangnam Style animation. Check out a link to the video here.

    Not only was it featured in Taiwan, but the animation has made it's way to Singapore as well. Whenever there is a meme, you can count on ponies to be at the forefront!

    Chinese News Reports on BronyCon

    In an odd turn of events it appears that BronyCon has made its way to China, ending up in a news report! Ponies never cease to amaze me in how widespread they have gotten.

    Ponies Appear in Arizona Newspaper

    Man, tons of pony in the news today! Guess it's the hot thing to talk about recently. At any rate, a reporter from the Arizona Republic attended a meetup and interviewed a bunch of bronies. You can find the article in question here.

    Ponies Invade Valve HQ

    This is a pretty good story so I'll let those who sent it in tell it. From the horse's mouth as it were!

    Copy Paste:

    After EverfreeNW, me and some friends decided to go to Valve's HQ in Bellevue, about 20 miles from SeaTac.

    We got a tour inside the company from a very nice employee, and while we weren't allowed to take pictures throughout most of the tour, we were allowed to take pictures of the famous "wall of hats" it was there that we spotted this shirt, filled with http://smashinator.deviantart.com/ art in button form. Of course that sparked our interest, and we learned about an interesting funny new custom at Valve:

    When an employee leaves his workstation unlocked, another employee may step in and send a companywide email with "I love ponies" in the body.

    We heard some great stories about Valve directly from the source (pun not intended) ,and knowing that many of its employees are into ponies as well made our experience there even better.

    Thank you Valve!

    Can't Have a Roundup Without Sleep Deprived Randomness!

    Rio Grande Valley Bronies Group - Updates

    Copy Paste:

    More news from the Rio Grande Valley, and it's interesting, interesting news!

    On the first hoof, they are officially a non-profit organization as recognized by the state of Texas! A major step for a group like theirs, and it's opening a whole lot of doors. Proof positive can be found here: Facebook

    On the other hoof, come the winter, the Rio Grande Bronies will be hosting a Gala! Dates and times have yet to be worked out, but keep your fingers crossed and eyes open!

    On the mysterious Pinkie Pie extra hoof, our membership is still growing and they're making a cry out to any Bronies in the Rio Grande Valley area! Come find them at Facebook Group or RGBronies.webs.com! They've still got a lot of other events in the works, and are looking for some talent now, especially some artists, though they need not be from the RGV. If you're interested, please EMail them at [email protected] or visit one of the links above, and they'll fill you in.

    Until next time, everypony have an awesome time! :D

    Finally! Cake!


    Brony Bookclub Episode 6 - Adventure

    Copy Paste:

    This week on The Brony Bookclub, we interviewed UberPhoenix, author of A World Without Rainbows. We talked about what makes Adventure fics work, and what made AWWR such a success. I made a Song of Ice and Fire joke, and fun was had by all. Download the episode here and send emails in here. ([email protected] I said gmail in the episode, but it's yahoo.)
    Rainbow Dash 6 Minute Challenge

    Copy Paste:

    The Rainbow Dash 6 Minute Challenge (or RD6) is a new initiative that challenges every single Brony to get active and start the journey toward a healthier life! It consists of:
    One Minute of Push-Ups
    One Minute of Sit-Ups
    One Minute of Squats
    One Minute of Apple Jacks
    One Minute of Pull-Ups
    and One Minute of Weight Lifting
    A total of six minutes and six different exercises! This concept wasn't designed to get people in the best shape of their lives. The RD6 is a a small step on the path of become a healthier person. So join me, DudeBroBrony in the Rainbow Dash Six Minute Challenge and help show that Bronies are the best fandom the world has ever seen!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Guild Wars 2

    Copy Paste:

    Calling all brony gamers!

    We are starting a brony guild on Guild Wars 2 on the 25th (release for pre-purchasers) on the World Gate of Madness! Contact Deakay.3179 upon entering the game.  Our guild name should be Twenty Percent Cooler[MLP]!

    World:  Gate of Madness
    Guild:  Twenty Percent Cooler [MLP]
    Character:  Deakay.3179

    Dallas, Texas Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    I was wondering if i could possibly get these meetups put up on the site for anime fest coming up this labor day weekend in Dallas Tx. I held a photo shoot/meetup all by myself this year. I wasnt expecting to so people to show up. it was such a hit i was asked to do more than one. 
    the times are friday 5 to 6 pm. 
    Saturday 1pm to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm.
    we will be meeting by the cancer survior center at the sheraton downtown dallas.

    BronyCon Sponsored Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Two Seasons Two Days is this weekend! This meetup marathon is organized by the Boston Bronies and endorsed by BronyCon! It will take place at Twenty University Drive in Nashua, New Hampshire (only one hour north of Boston), next Saturday and Sunday. Don't forget that we have a cheap rate worked out with the Best Western Granite Inn! Just contact them here http://tinyurl.com/bwginn and mention Daniel Webster College. This is your chance to see every episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a theater setting.
          We will even have an artist's alley filled to the brim with local artists! In addition, we will have a ton of other fun events including the world debut of a brand new Pony RPG system, pony karaoke, and a costume competition! People interested in registering for the costume contest early should email [email protected] and you have until Saturday at 5PM to register!  We also have a game room open all weekend long! Don't forget our gianormous announcement...it's something you've been wishing for!
          Once night falls, we'll have a rave! We are still looking for people who would like to DJ; if you have experience or even if you are someone looking to try your hand, contact [email protected] and include a sample if possible.
          For the full schedule go to http://derpy.me/tvwyV. To register go to http://derpy.me/OD48i where we already have over one hundred bronies set to have a weekend of pony filled fun! Don't forget this is ENTIRELY FREE!  If you have any questions please contact [email protected] or [email protected] . We hope to see you all there and even have a short video for you all: http://derpy.me/gW5cX


    AbqBrony Gaming Night

    Copy Paste:

    Abqbronies (http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/abqbronies) is gathering at Kaboom Testing Labs (http://goo.gl/maps/Njjbq) for a casual evening of board games on Thursday, August 23rd at 4:30.  Any brony is welcome to show up, but a particular invitation is extended to any bronies lurking in Albuquerque's west side and Rio Rancho.  Bring your favorite board game or partake in one of ours!  For the convenience of east side Albuquerque bronies, a carpool will be forming at 4:00 in the Eldorado Square parking lot.  Festivities are expected to continue until 7:00, bring some money for snacks if you like!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Spitfire Crotchet
    Beatnik Rarity Crotchet
    Doctor Whooves Crotchet
    Chrysalis Pillow, Princess Water Bottle, Fluttershy Bumpsticker (Enter BTSESSENTIAL as the code on $50 or more and get 20% off)
    Pony Themed Makeup
    Applejack Pillow