• Instrumental Music: Remorse - Run to Her / Death of an Angel / Nightmare Moon (Battle Theme) / Octavia's Secret / Hush Now Quiet Now / Lesson Learnt

    This fandom needs more songs sung into fans. It is a unique sound that cannot be replicated electronically.

    We actually don't have any singing this time around though! Have some instrumental tracks after the break

    (please don't actually send me desk fan music) 

    1.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - Remorse - Run to Her (Piano to DnB)
    2.) Death of an Angel (100 Subscriber Special) (Orchestral)
    3.) Hiro! (Francisco Pizarro) - Nightmare Moon (Battle Theme) (Rock)
    4.) Octavia's Secret (Wubbadubbadubdub Rework) (Dubstep)
    5.) Lesson Learnt - StormWolf

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