• Random Merch: Trouble Pony Edition, Slippers, Body Suits, and More!

    Ace Reporter Moses from New Zealand sent these two pieces of merch in from over in New Zealand at a store called Warehouse.  Sadly, as you can tell from his facial expression, the slippers are a bit too small for your average brony, but that ponified Trouble looks like fun!

    It's time for more random merch! Head on down past the break for all sorts of crazyness. 

    I looks like Boston is already gearing up for another cold winter, with Pinkie Pie scarves and hats.  Both of these were found at H&M.  Thanks to Derek for the image!

    And over at Journeys for 35 bucks, a new Rainbow Dash pajama set has popped up.  They seem to be going pretty nuts on these full body costumes lately! Halloween is going to be interesting to say the least.  Thanks to Stitch for the link!

    For those of you looking to expand your numbers and counting ability,  Rite Aid in Bridgewater, NJ currently has this in stock.  Thanks to Purple Tinker for the heads up!

    And that about covers it! If you run into random pieces of pony merchandise, you know where to send it!