• Welovefine 25% Off Sale on All Pony Shirts Tomorrow

    You may or may not have seen a million people running around with Welovefine shirts in those Bronycon Livestreams. One of our friends from Welovefine sent us a heads up on a deal they are running for the 4th of July to get 25% off all the Friendship is Magic shirts.   This will only be available from 12:00 PM to 6 PM Pacific time (3PM through 9PM Eastern Time) tomorrow, and they will not be advertising it on their website.  I'd recommend finding the shirts you want now so you will have time tomorrow.  Each registered Welovefine account can use it only once, So sign up for more than one account if you want to use it multiple times!

    You can still get the Derpy/Luna/Fluttershy while using the code, so it might be a good excuse to go for one of the three.

    I'll toss a reminder out at 12:00 PM tomorrow.  You can find all eligible shirts here!