• Nightly Roundup #366

    Time to make roundups nightly again I suppose. Yep, we're all back from the convention! It was a lot of fun and you all can expect write ups on our various antics soon. For now though, have a random royal guard and some news!

    Full Video of BronyCon Fire

    I never got to see the fire as I was by JJ's table when the fixture went loopy. I knew something was up when some of the lights flickered, but I never expected a fire! Check out the clip above to see what the hubbub was all about.

    Israeli News Site Reports on BronyCon 2012

    Looks like BronyCon 2012 has spread far and wide across the globe! A kind pony fan has taken the liberty of translating the article found here for you all to read! Check out the translation and translators notes below:
    1. Look at men that are dressed as characters from "My Little Pony".
    2. In the fan festival of the animation show "My Little Pony", thousands of people met and dressed as the cute ponies. between the fans that danced and sang songs from the show, there weren't only little girls. here, take a look at the pictures.
    3. For almost already 30 years, the characters of "My Little Pony" of "Hasbro" are starring on the children's toy shelves (and most likely, girls) around the world - but they are still receiving respect, even from the older fans that already grew up.
    4. 4,000 of those fans came to New Jersey in the last weekend, on the occasion of "Bronycon Summer 2012" - a one-day festival fully devoted to the admiration of the little ponies and the show that is starring them, that also was broadcasted in Israel under the name "Little Pony".
    5. [Video of the Intro of G3]
    6. Do you remember? The Intro of "Little Pony".
    7. The fans, who are calling themselves "Bronies", showed up in costumes of the characters. "I thought to myself, what will the people say - that's creepy, that's weird, that the show is for little girls" said a 25 years-old fan from NY to the american press AP. "But that's just a great show - from the plot to the  beautiful animation". Another 19-years-old fan, added: "I found out that there's no reason to hide that you're a Brony, people are interested in whatever they want".
    8. [The video "Best of Bronycon June 2012"]
    9. Fans in the BronyCon festival, Summer 2012.
    10. The festival, that happens once in a few months, gained more popularity since the first time it was held, in June 2011: around only 100 fans showed up - and today, we're talking about thousands. The activities that were in the place including - Singing and dancing to songs from the show, stalls selling accessories and merchandise and meetings with the voice actors.
    11. [Pictures from Bronycon]
    12. Translator's Notes:
    13. 1. All the wrong information is in the original article.
    14. 2. When they said that the show was broadcasted in Israel, they referred to the old generations.
    15. 3. In Israel, they call it "Little Pony" and not "My Little Pony", though I'm not sure if it's one of the many mistakes that they made in the article or the official Israeli name.

    Roundups Make me Hungry...

    Trotmania for StepMania

    Copy Paste:

    DDR and MLP fans have something to look forward to with the announcement of Trotmania, a large simfile pack for use in StepMania. Straying away from the errors of real Konami crossovers (Winx Club, anyone?) this mix has steps to satisfy all levels of players, with plenty of crazy stuff for the hardcore fans.

    The tracklist is aimed to satisfy both fans of the show itself along with the diverse fandom works. Here is the current tracklist:
    Show Tunes
    Art of the Dress
    Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song)
    Smile Smile Smile!
    Winter Wrap Up
    Brony Tunes
    Afronova Primeval (Equinova Edit) - 8bit
    Applejack Bucks 400 Trees - Foozogz
    Cupcakes (Sweetbeat Mix) - Eurobeat Brony
    Discord (Euro-Chaos Mix) - Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey
    Dubstep Dishwasher - The Living Tombstone
    Evil Enchantress (Euro-Spell Mix) - Eurobeat Brony
    Love Bloom - Foozogz
    Love is in Bloom (Remix) - The Aviators
    Luna (DREAM Mode) - Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey
    Party With Pinkie - Alex S.
    Pinkie's Homebrew - Interrobang Pie
    Pinkie Pie Theme - Whitetail
    Pony Swag - Swagberg feat. Maros
    Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) - Ellie Goulding

    Help Wanted!
    We are looking for the following:
    -Capable stepmakers
    -Someone experienced with video capturing and/or editing to do previews and trailers for us.

    If you are interested in helping, PM DDR Addict on Zenius-I-Vanisher, accessible here.

    "Eternal" Audiobook

    The 160,000 word epic, "Eternal" is now in audiobook format. You can find all 18 hours of dialogue here.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    The Longest Day Forum - RP Pony Board

    "The Longest Day," a pony role-play board about a civil war in Equestria. Of note, all the canon cast is still open for auditions so now's the time to join up if anypony's ever dreamed of RPing one of the Mane 6 or a certain background pony.

    Forum Link

    Puerto Rican Meetup - My Little Pony Giginka Is Forever Photoshoot

    Venus Luis,Kabuki Shop & Outta Nowhere Productions Presents:
    At Last!!!! My Little Pony Giginka Is Forever Photo Shoot

    A Bronies Tribute To Those Cute Lil' Horses With Impresive Personalities!!!

    In this location I only want one representation of the main six and all the characters in the series (OC are Welcome). For now this event is public until the 7th of July so we can write your name and the pony you want, and a photo of the character and we will write it in the list. Again we do not accept  ponies that are already taken!!!!!

    That also includes photographers. After the 7th the event will be private, all ponies that didn't sign up will be out.

    Later on we will say wheres is going to be the meetup so we can chill and know each other better.

    Please bring snacks and water so there's no fainting. This will be in a public garden and the snack bar there is not always open. 
    Also the sun in Puerto Rico is super high in the summer so wear sunblock.

    And like always...

    Already Taken Characters

    Venus Luis-DJ PON 3
    Yaileen Villegas-Twilight Sparkle
    Jacksira Solano-Apple Jack
    Princess Daven Murasakii-Lemon Hearts
    Frankuro-Spikes The Dragon
    Shelsea Arroyo Rivera-Nurse Red Heart
    Ignacio Cookie-Neon Lights
    Julian Velez-Octavia(Gender Bend)
    Cracker Pop-Pinkie Pie
    Chococat Wheels-Wildfire
    Minanotavo-Derpy Hoops
    Tsuki-Neko-Princess Luna
    Alex Rivera-As Snowflake-Roid Rage/Tiny
    Cynthia Colon Diaz-Serena
    Francisco J Ortega Delgado-Chrisaly

    At the Jardin Botanico, In Caguas Puerto Rico. 
    Reserve Here https://www.facebook.com/events/118195731653851/  [Is in spanish]

    Cookeville, TN Meetup

    There is a meetup in Cookeville tenessee. It is a post-Bronycon meet up so we can all talk about what we thought of Bronycon. The link to the meetup is here so you can get more info there.
    Illinois Meetup

    Hey, everypony!  We'll be meeting up at the 9/11 memorial behind the City Hall along the Riverwalk in Naperville.  We'll move to Einstein Bagels around 1:30-ish for lunch, and hang out there until they close at 3:00, or people need to go home.  Hope to see you there, bronies!

    Dutch Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Due to the grand success of the last Dutch Brony meet, we've already planned the next one! It will take place on the 7th of July at HAL 16 in Utrecht again (same place as last time). Start time is 12:00.

    Entrance and drinks/snacks we provide are free. We have activities planned for the day, although ideas and suggestions are always welcome. There will be another auction, so bring money if you want to bid (and mail us at Address if you want your items auctioned).

    So to sum up:

    What: Dutch Brony meet #6, of course!
    Where: HAL 16, Utrecht (same place as last time)
    When: Saturday, July 7th, 12:00
    Who: Everypony who wants to come!
    Why: Because ponies!

    If you're going, please sign up here. It allows us crew to see how many people are coming (regarding buying drinks/etc).

    Bronies of Pennslyvania

    Facebook Page
    Philly Meetup
    Copy Paste

    Philly Bronies: Game Time!

    What: Bronies of Fillydelphia, ASSEMBLE!! Bring out your favorite board games and card games, cause we're kicking it old school!
    Where: The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102)
    When: July 7th - 2:00 PM

    Facebook Page 

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Spitfire Plushie