• Brony Thank You Fund: Updates and News

    I never get tired of seeing this image, because it always means something cool is about to go down. In this case we've got a bit of a wrapup from Bronycon, during which the Thank You Fund was able to raise $5,641. This means they'll be cutting Toys for Tots a six thousand dollar check this week, which I think you'll agree is exciting stuff.

    Of course, The Brony Thank You Fund is about more than just its charity work (admirable though it is). They are moving ever closer to completing the first-ever fan filmed, fan funded commercial to air on The Hub and thank the Friendship is Magic series creators and employees who bring us pony year in and year out. This past weekend, they unveiled their selections for the faces to appear on the commercial. That is to say, our spokespeople have been chosen.

    Look at the list. If you took a supercomputer and dedicated it to selecting the perfect assortment of people to put the fandom's best foot forward, it would burn itself out trying to outdo this group. On the off chance you still had any lingering concerns about what this was going to look like, check it out and be assuaged.

    There will be more news coming later in the week, but for now check out this article on the Daily Dot about the Brony Thank You Project. It's a pretty neat read!