• Sound is Magic: A look into the sound design of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"

    Fluttershy after the very first sentence.
    Bronycon sort of dominated the news circuit for the last few days, but over at Anime Expo, a whopping 500 bronies met up and did all sorts of stuff.  Victor Frost here ran a panel during the festivities that essentially breaks down the way sounds are used within the show.  His description says it way better than I can:
    This lecture-style panel aims to educate fans of G4 My Little Pony on
    the different and creative uses of sound and sound design techniques
    as well as some of their historical roots in western entertainment
    (animation and film alike) with an emphasis on how they enhance the
    narrative of the show as well as the fidelity of an inherently
    non-real world.
    Take that, add a bunch of random swear words (It even starts with one) and one of the more entertaining panelists out there, and you got yourself some fun education! Check it out after the break.

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