• People That Need Followers: Lee Tockar / Peter New Edition

    I have no clue what is going on in this image
    See this number:

    This is uncalled for in ponydom.  Lee Tockar needs followers, and you have Twitter accounts!  Snips and Snails may have ruined Trixie's life, but I hear she got a respectable job holding her hoof in the air and wearing odd purple glasses because of it. 

    We also have Peter New 

    Why don't you autosmooth this time arrow? I cant draw straight lines.
    Coming in at 1,133.  Big Mac needs love guys.  His lines are few, but his worth ethic and loyalty are unmatched! Eeyup. 

    And while you are at it, go follow Meghan McCarthy.  You guys do realize she is the lead writer right? And the one that makes ponies lose their minds professionally?  She even made twitter cards with her amazing oc on it.

    The best oc pony. 

    Actually, Sibsy's comes close.  Follow her too! Have we ever even plugged her? I swear we did, but google isn't giving me anything.  Well, you know what to do!