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    Story: Distorted Perspective (Update Story 2!)

    [M/M Shipping] [Comedy] [Random]

    Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: An unfortunate event gives Princess Celestia a fresh view on her life by forcing her to see the world from a very different viewpoint. With Equestria changing around her, she is faced with a personal crisis... if she can ignore how cute a certain lavender unicorn suddenly looks to her.
    Distorted Perspective


    Story: Brotherhood of the Moon (Update Part 17!)

    [Crossover][Adventure] Yep! Assassins creed!

    Author: Zak TH
    Description: Luna is no longer Nightmare Moon, and has returned to rule Equestira once again, but not everypony is so ready to forgive. When a secret organization kidnaps the Elements of Harmony and threatens to murder Luna, Rainbow Dash must go back into the memories of her ancestor Firefly, to learn the ways of the Assassins to fight this new terror and save the new princess, as well as her friends.
    Brotherhood of the Moon

    Story: Rorschach in Equestria (Update Part 16!)


    Author: Ex-Nihilos
    Description: Instead of being killed in the cold Antarctic by Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach finds himself rematerialized in a strange new, pony filled world. He finds himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Ponyville but some ponies fear that this sociopath will bring danger and darkness to an otherwise peaceful existence. Will the mane 6 help Walter Kovac find peace within himself or will he bring them all down with him in his cold views of reality and existence?
    Rorschach in Equestria


    Story: Tinker, Tanner, Hunter, Spy (Update Part 22)


    Author: Shamus_Aran
    Description: Archer is not having a good day. He's recently been knocked unconscious and imprisoned by a Fae race, notorious for their animosity towards his kind and each other. Instead of cannibalistic Merfolk or mischievous Fairies, he finds... talking ponies. Who want him to be their "friend."

    He is sentenced to remain in a small town they call Eqshana, until he can learn to "live in harmony" with its inhabitants. Unfortunately, a message from his king, Jove V, has turned his prison sentence into a mission of espionage. Now he must escape these no-doubt insidious creatures, and even more importantly, stay sane doing it. Along the way, he will answer one of the most important questions he has ever faced: Is there really nothing to eat around here besides hay?
    Tinker, Tanner, Hunter, Spy

    Story: Dragonborn (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Adventure]

    Author: FanOingo93
    Description: Fluttershy has proven herself kind to many creatures except one: the dragon. What is it about these creatures that makes her fear them so and why? She herself doesn't know. But when Fluttershy mysteriously awakens as the very thing she fears most, her kindness and bravery will be tested and along the way she may very well learn what it means to have the heart of a dragon.

    This...is her journey.


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