• Story: Distorted Perspective (Update Story 2!)

    [M/M Shipping] [Comedy] [Random]

    Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: An unfortunate event gives Princess Celestia a fresh view on her life by forcing her to see the world from a very different viewpoint. With Equestria changing around her, she is faced with a personal crisis... if she can ignore how cute a certain lavender unicorn suddenly looks to her.

    Distorted Perspective

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    Rule 63,


    [M/M Shipping] [Comedy]
    Description: Eagle Eye the Royal Guard, still trying to recover from almost falling prey to the tricks Discord played on Princess Celestia, hopes his luck turns around as he grapples with his sexual identity and a case of unrequited love.
    Playing Hard to Get

    Additional Tags: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, implied Twilestia, deceit, guardponies