• More Pony Packs, Wings, and Scooters

    For all the collectors out there that need absolutely everything, it looks like a bunch more of those winged ponies have popped up on Taobao.   It looks like they paired Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie each with their own butterfly buddies, and Rarity with Twilight Sparkle wearing someone else's cutie mark. 

    I have tossed a few more images, as well as the official explanation of them provided by Whatshisgame after the break!

    Pony Scooter Friends Daisy Dreams & Rarity: “Daisy Dreams and Rarity have so much fun together riding around Ponyville on their scooters!” Also includes the ridiculous storybook adaptation of the pilot episodes (currently available in the Friendship is Magic gift set) and a sheet of stickers. Other releases of Daisy Dreams include a brushable in a European 2-pack with Fluttershy, an upcoming Glimmer Wings brushable from the Pony Wedding line, and a molded mini-figure from the Wave 2 Blind Bags.

    Crystal Empire sets (Target exclusive): “Welcome to the Crystal Empire, a magical place full of hidden secrets! The ponies shine and sparkle here!” So that’s what this Crystal Empire is about. Doesn’t tell us much, though...

    Glimmer Wings Sweet Song & Fluttershy: “Fluttershy can’t believe how pretty her hair looks with shiny strands! Her friend Sweet Song loves her sparkly wings!” Also includes a comb. This will be the first brushable toy of Sweet Song, who’s currently available as a molded mini-figure in the Toys R Us exclusive Pony Collection Set (with her name spelled as Sweetsong; I’m not sure which spelling is correct, but G3 Sweetsong’s name was also spelled like that).

    Glimmer Wings Diamond Rose & Pinkie Pie: “Pinkie Pie loves when her hair sparkles like crystals! Her friend Diamond Rose has beautiful wings that sparkle too!” Also includes a comb. We already knew of Glimmer Wings Diamond Rose’s existence, but now we know how she’s going to be released.