• Everfree Radio Weekly Compilation #1

    We have agreed to broadcast weekly compilations for our bros over at Everfree Radio.  These will primarily contain their upcoming events, though this initial one also lists a few of their ongoing weekly projects.  Find all the neat copy paste after the break!

    A state of Brony is EFR's hour long trance, house and electro brony music mix created by
    Thorinair and HMage, inspired by A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren. It will air on
    EFR's shoutcast stream every Saturday.


    Join Nightmare Moon every Friday as she takes over EFR's shoutcast stream for live music


    Last Week, Radiant Eclipse brought on special guest Enigma the Mastermind with cohosts from
    Equestria Inquirer Joe Stevens and TechRat.

    http://everfreeradio.com/?p=4285 - Radiant Eclipse Episode #5

    EverFree Radio will be present at Everfree NW, so if you're going, be sure to say hello!


    Last Monday, DustyKatt interviewed Zach Morris, the author of the Ask Surprise! tumblr

    http://everfreeradio.com/?p=4265 - Stay Brony, My Friends Episode #6