• Nightly Roundup #319

    I'm reusing this and I don't care even a little bit, because it's simply amazing.

    I'm back from a week of tests and events and back to your regularly scheduled indentured servitude.

    Pony Chess Pieces

    I was always so, so terrible at chess. Mostly because I never learned the rules. Someone not-terrible at chess, however, is making a pony chess set, and it looks awesome! Check it out here.

    More Awesome Custom 360's

    I would buy the HELL out of that twilight sparkle one if I actually played games on the console like a caveman.

    Fallout Equestria Book Printing Update

    Have some copy paste!

    The Fallout: Equestria book design admins have been pretty busy at work and we're going to be printing VERY soon!
    This is the last call for anyone to pay for a set of books.  Since we've gone through our list we still have a few spots to fill.
    These spots are very few and can only go at a first come first serve.  Which means, The sooner you can pay, the more
    likely you are to get a set of these books!   for all those who are curious, we're hoping to have them shipped by bronycon.

    If you'd like a set and want to fill one of these spots as soon as you can, email us at [email protected]
    with the subject "Book set order" 

    My Little Pony Mentioned in Mexican Newspaper

    Ponies EVERYWHERE. Check it out here, on page 10.

    Quiz and Gif Repository

    Strange combination, I know, but what can you do? Apparently, A trivia quiz about FiM and a huge repository of thousands of gifs from the show can be found here and here, respectively.

    Adorable Mother's Day Card

    SO CUTE.


    Voice of Equestria

    Not much news and no episode to discuss this week, so it’s a shorter episode than most.  That said, we’ve got some really cool fan-created stuff to talk about, and we go over our favorite characters, episodes, and songs from the show since we now have a full two seasons to choose from.  Come check it out!


    NOTE:  We will be dropping to a bi-weekly schedule for the summer, due to the lower amount of news and lack of episodes to give us something to ramble about.  As such, our next episode should be released on Tuesday, May 29th.  When Season 3 starts up, we’ll go back to weekly episodes.

    Successful Meetups



    Check out the link to their forums here.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Huge Steampunk Pony Banner
    Pony Sculptures
    General Store
    Fleece Hat
    Pins and Customs