• Everfree Northwest Announces: Lee Tockar

    We've been wondering, we've been waiting, and now the big convention out west has at last announced their first VA! A one-time sorrowful serpent is making his way through the Pacific to say hello. And rumor has it, this is just the opening of the floodgates. How wonderful! August is going to be an exciting month indeed. Here, let me not waste your time, and give you the official word from the convention:

    Everfree Northwest is proud to present our first featured guest from the Friendship is Magic voice cast: Lee Tockar! Lee plays the eager, but naive young unicorn, Snips, who's rarely seen without his equally dim (though no less lovable) companion, Snails. However, among fans Lee's  most iconic role is undoubtedly as the Sorrowful Sea Serpent from the series premiere, dubbed "Stephen Magnet" by the fan community.

    Lee is certainly no stranger to lending his voice to your favorite characters. You may remember him from the English dubs of such popular anime as Dragonball Z and Deathnote, or from his roles on Ed, Edd, n Eddy and Beastwars. Lee is also the 2008 recipient of the Electronic Animation Award for Best Male Voice-Over Artist.

    We're tremendously excited to welcome Mr. Tockar to our guest lineup. More information on this talented individual can be found here: http://www.leetockar.com/

    Don't think that's all we have hidden up here in the northwest. There will be more announcements for you in the coming DAYS, so stay tuned!