• Music: Octavia's Day Off // Chaos Arranged // Clap Your Hooves (And Do A Little Shake!) // General Mumble - Pony Holiday //

    Death survivor- take me higher!
    Reunite my soul!
    Whisperer of truth- I trust in you
    to make me whole!

    Time for an old-fashioned music post- two instrumentals and two remixes. This hour we have an Octavia, a final battle theme for Discord, a remix of Cadance and Twilight's rhyme, and a Mumble remix of Winter Wrap Up. Enjoy!

    1) Octavia's Day Off (25k view+100 sub special!)
    2) Radiarc - Chaos Arranged
    3) Silva Hound - Clap Your Hooves (And Do A Little Shake!)
    4) General Mumble - Pony Holiday (Winter Wrap Up remix)