• Events Tonight - May 26th

    A couple of events are going on tonight for those looking to spend an hour or so on something to do.  Click after the break for both of them!

    Celestia Radio Doctor Whooves Adventures Charity Event
    Episode three of Doctor Whooves Adventures will premier on May 26th at 6pm EST! (Well, actually more like 7pm EST! Starting at 6pm, Celestia Radio will play Episode 1 and Episode 2, and when those are done then we’ll get to Episode 3). Not just for great justice and timey-whimeyness, but for a very special reason.

    Dash, our main audio editor, has a friend who is in dire straights. Her name is Bitter Frost, aka Inky. She is currently staying with her mother, but this will not last long. Bitter Frost has long suffered emotional abuse from her stepfather and has been unable to do anything about it because of her mother’s precarious health. After living with this man for several years, and being harassed to the point where she lost her previous job and fell into a depression, things finally came to a head. After finally deciding she wasn’t going to take this any more, she had it out with her stepfather, and, seeing the situation wasn’t improving, it was decided that she would be kicked out of her home on the 30th may. She was doing well at her new job hoping to finally get out from under him and do well on her own, but the rug was ripped out from under her feet and she now finds herself jobless, with little money, soon to be out on the streets with nowhere to stay. (More details here and here, donation link in the right-hand column of this page.)

    We here at ponyinabox care about what happens to her, and hope that you’ll help us give her a bit of a push until she can get back on her feet. So episode three will be part of a drive to help raise money for Bitter Frost, there will be cast interviews, and at certain levels of donation live drawings by our poster artist Cyber Toaster hosted on his livestream at http://www.livestream.com/cyberpaint. With cast and crew commenting on the first two episodes of the play beforehand. Please come by, and please spread the word. We at ponyinabox look out for our friends, because friendship is magic.

    Everfree Radio's Weekly Michelle Creber Saturday Night Songs

    Tonight is just a preview, but she will still be in the channel answering pony questions. Tune in here at 7:00 PM PST