• Equestria Daily Logo Contest Winners Announced + New Shirts in the EQD Store!

    The logo contest has come to a close!   We had a few issues with the submission system, so only the first couple of days of voting went in.  Out of the top 10, these are the three we chose as winners! I have to say, I'm really impressed with what you guys came up with, and how many we received.  This community never ceases to amaze me.  Choosing just three was extremely difficult. 

    I bet you want the winners though!

    First off, we have the one found up above.  The new official logo for EQD was done by none other than LearlessFeader on Deviant Art.  everyone really loved that one!

    Kman-Studio over on Deviant Art created this awesome silhouette pony.  It sort of has a wild west vibe to it.   We figured this one would make a great shirt, so to the top three with it!

    Knighty from Fimfiction added this one to the mix.  The orange/blue color scheme is a nice combo, and the inner shadows give it an almost 3D look.  Very cool!

    Thanks again to everyone that entered! There were so many awesome submissions for it.  I'm glad you guys like us enough to go through the trouble of designing a logo!  It's something most of the EQD staffers have trouble with. 

    All of these designs have already been re-created as shirts.  You can find them and more over at our store page.  (Or click the store button at the top!).

    Once we get our image submitter going again, expect a lot more competitions over the summer.