• Nightly Roundup #330

    Oh CMC, why are you so cute? Keep trying and one day you'll find those Cutie Marks!

    Once again another late night edition with Calpain. Ready for the news my friends?

    Penguins of Madagascar with Possible Pony Reference
    Apparently Pneguins of Madagascar has their own own pony reference in a recent episode. Check out the clip below.
    Penguins of Madagascar Clip

    Fallout Equestria Tabletop Update
    Copy Paste:
    The Fallout: Equestira tabletop d100 RPG is sorta back on track again, we're currently working on converting https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0AcokIqzJW7QSZGYzdzdjY2pfMGRubXd6amY4 into a more handy PDF and are looking for a few more interested in helping with transferring, building and evaluating the system. The systems it will be based on is the Fallout Tabletop, but with d100's instead of d10's as said. It borrows character build principal from the Swedish RPG Mutant mostly, but a few others here and there.

    Currently we've about trippled the number of playable races and made a few major changes. (not shown in the g-doc as it's on the PDF). But yeah, anyone interested can contact me on [email protected] or @gmail.com.

    (and I hope that could be turned into some decent promo or whatever. I'm not very good at being a spokespony ^^')

    My Little Pony Roleplaying is Magic

    We've got an update for the Roleplaying is Magic project.

    Fillies and gentlecolts!
    Tall Tail here, with a special announcement:
    My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic, Season Two Edition has launched! We've come a long way since the first season edition, and S2E will (we hope!) knock your socks off! With four playable races, a robust and open-ended character advancement system, a focus on canon while being 'fanon-friendly,' and special narratively-focused mechanics, we feel that S2E provides a truly unique and fun pen & paper roleplaying experience. Check out our website at www.mlprim.com for more information and to download the 164-page RPG rulebook in various formats (including mobile-friendly ones!), and pay a visit to our forums to connect with the community! In addition, in the next few days, we'll be launching our first giveaway of one of three limited-edition 16x20 watercolor paintings, so stay tuned!

    Your faithful game designers,
    ~The MLP:RiM Team

    Pony Cakes, since PK loves them so much!

    New Chess Piece

    Our chess brony has created yet another pony chess piece for us tonight. Check it out below!

    You can check out the picture gallery for this piece here.

    BIT.Trip Runner With Rainbow Dash
    Copy Paste:
    BIT.TRIP DASH is a project to replace CommanderVideo from the game, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, with Rainbow Dash. The project only has 2 team members right now, and we are actively looking for more people to join the team and help. The project even has the "unofficial" support of the game's developer, Gaijin Games. If this project is a success, we may do more MLP themed mods like a custom level or a pony picker to replace CV. I would be glad to give EqD a fully working(Sans countdown timer, I derped it up and new reversed base is different) proof of concept build to try out.


    Australian Bronycast
    The Australian Bronycast is going to be looking at different fan fiction, including the host own fan fiction (I'll be talking about why I started A Falling Out Series), sharing some fave fan fiction we have grown up with and taking request on what we should be reading too.

    Music side is talking to a Australian Brony musician and showing some PMV's along with other artist from the most huge wonderful community that is MLP FiM. May throw in some artwork too along with going off at iTune's for not pony for the Australian fans and shaking fingers at Hasbro Australia for not saying what we getting along with some comfrimation on the Wedding toy set's that are coming out soon.

    Link: http://www.livestream.com/australian_bronycast

    Email: [email protected]com


    Successful Meetups
    Successful Meetup:
    Hamilton NZ Brony Meetup
    A good chunk of NZ bronies got together at the Hamilton Armageddon convention, more than expected. We spent most of the afternoon wandering the complex, singing songs and telling jokes. All in all a very fun afternoon and what we could all agree was a great turnout.
    Big thanks to everyone that turned up and hope to see you in Auckland in October!
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/NeighZealand/ for more info.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    World of Warcraft Guild Looking for More
    World of Warcraft Guild:
    Name: <New Lunar Republic>
    Realm: Barthilas (Oceanic PvP)
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Leader: Trixie (Look for Megamoo or Caraine)
    About: We are a small friendly level 2 guild looking to grow. If you want to dungeon, pvp or (eventually) raid with a tight-knit group of awesome people, hit us up! --------------------------------------------------------------
    Naperville Looking for More
    Copy paste:
    Hey, everypony! We'll be meeting at the labyrinth along the riverwalk on the southeast corner of Jackson Ave. and Eagle St. in downtown Naperville, then move to Einstein Bagels around 2:00-ish for lunch, and hang out there until they close, or people need to go home.


    Western Chicago Suburb Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    Link here  https://www.facebook.com/events/357497680978390/
    If you can't see the event feel free to add anyone in the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/122600991201933/
    Also known as My little Pony: Friendships is Magic:The Gathering! Bring your Magic cards!
    Bronies are encouraged to bring art, altered/custom ponies, rare blind-bags among other things for the artist ally/black market thingy. 
    They're also encouraged to bring lots of extra money, to like tip the wonderful people who let us host at Colonial. Cause really, they're so super duper nice.

    June 2nd at 5pm
    The Colonial Cafe in Elgin
    See you there!


    Copy and Paste:
    Party for our favorite Bronies!
    There will be drinks, snacks, music, and PONIES! There will be punch and cookies by the door.

    Please note that the Documentary team for My Little Brony: Fandom is Magic will be there with cameras. We will be interviewing bronies at the party, so if you are interested in talking about MLP on camera, and shutting up all the haters, please locate one of the crew members (will be wearing crew shirt) and let us know!

    Feel free to invite friends and family! The more the mare-ier! ^^

    114 South Semoran Blvd. Suite 6, Winter Park, FL 32792