• New Welovefine Product: Hoof-Hands!

    Are you guys tired of those obnoxious finger things constantly getting in the way of everything? Have you ever looked down and wished you had marshmallow pony hooves?    It looks like Welovefine has decided to target YOU! 

    Introducing the Hoof-Hands, a revolutionary new way to embrace the cute cartoon pony buried deep inside your boring human soul.

    But I digress, have Welovefine's press release below!

    Los Angeles, CA, 04/01/12 — WeLoveFine.com continues to expand its online shopping experience in new and exciting ways, offering more exciting and immersive products for the die-hard fans of our licenses than ever before: introducing the newest additions, My Little Pony Hoof-Hands! These two items are an exciting leap into pop-culture product innovation, accentuating and surpassing our recent additions of hoodies, art prints and polos. Learn more about these limited edition, ultimate fan items!:


    The next level in My Little Pony fan fashion, WeLoveFine are proud to introduce My Little Pony Hoof Hands, available in pink (Pinkie Pie) and blue (Rainbow Dash) colors! Finally a fluffy marshmallow-like hoof shaped glove to cover your human hands - because dexterity is overrated, anyway! Now you and your friends can bro-hoof like pros, kick up some dirt and go buck-wild! The hands retail for $20 per pair.

    Hoof-Hands are the perfect accessory for all those important brony-tastic moments when a simple handshake just won't do. Clop on these equine-extensions and you are ready to go!

    Hoof-hands are appropriate for any and all social situations: They are great for when riding actual horsies, negotiating important business mergers that requires an extra dose of FRIENDSHIP! - or just plain horsing around. These limited-edition, officially licensed My Little Pony Hoof Hands will not last long, so canter over to WeLoveFine.com and order yours today!