• April Foals Day Compilation

    We've gotten quite a few emails today compiling a number of places across the internet that have gone pony on us in celebration of April Foals Day. Apparently Spoutcraft, a popular client for Minecraft, was one of the many to join in on the pony fun!

    Check after the break for more instances of the internet being ponified in unexpected ways!
    (I escaped, but they are after me! Must get to Phoe quick!)

    World of Tanks

    Who would have thought a game like World of Tanks would have a pony reference today? Oh internet, never change.

    Giant in the Playground

    The Order of the Stick comic's forum Giant in the Playground has a fairly active and friendly pony community and has had their page ponified for the day with all sorts of pony themes. Click the images above for full view!

    MC Chris

    Nerd rapper MC Chris has decked out their site with a pony theme and even has made a song for the occasion! You can check it out here. (Warning: Contains NSFW Language)