• New My Little Pony Toy Lines!

    We here at EqD have the exclusive of the century to share with you today! The (un)official unveiling of Hasbro's new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic(tm) toy line!

    Top notch designers at Hasbro have been listening to feedback and feverishly working behind the scenes to launch the toy line to end all toy lines, and today we get to share a first look of them with you, our faithful reading public.

    Above is one of the first, a cute little alicorn going by the name of Little Moon (an early version of the press release names her Mini Moon). We can only guess at where she belongs in the story canon, but it's going to be amazing finding out! Maybe she's Princess Cadence's foal? Wouldn't that be exciting, a relative who we might see in Ponyville living with Twilight, perhaps?

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    Above is Power Armour Twilight, part of a brand new range of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic brushable action figures. This and the subsequent new models form a few of the ponies to be found in the MY LITTLE PONY BRUSHABLES NEW FRIENDS ASSORTMENT and MY LITTLE PONY BRUSHABLES BACKGROUND PONIES ASSORTMENT. more information on which you'll find in the leaked press release at the bottom of this article. Below, you'll find some of the press-shots our source provided.

    In an exotic twist, perhaps signalling a more adventurous vein of story-telling, we have Jungle Attack Fluttershy and the eponymous King Zebra.
    Jungle Attack Fluttershy comes complete with fake leopard-skin leotard and multiple jungle-themed fashion accessories

    King Zebra, otherwise known as Funky Dory, comes with his fetching royal tribal robes.

    Here we see Yellow Star and her friend Pipsqueak. Known as Little Pip due to her small size, she nevertheless sports a "fiesty nature" according to the character sheet. Little Pip comes with a fashion bracelet accessory.

    And last but not least, we have the mysterious Newsprint. We're not sure where he fits in to the canon either, but apparently he runs some sort of newspaper out of Canterlot. Only time will tell!

    With this new toyline, we also see Hasbro branching out, bringing us such gems as the MY LITTLE PONY FLIM AND FLAM'S HOMEBREW CIDER KIT and MY LITTLE PONY TANK COMMANDER CHEERILEE.

    More information can be found here, in the leaked early-preview release document!

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