• Look What We Found on Twitter


    Ok, that picture ought to distract them for a little bit. Sheesh, this corporate takeover thing is a lot more hostile than I thought it'd be. Baby ponies are patrolling the halls of the EqD office looking for me - it's less cute than it sounds. But there's real news happening today, and just because it's happening today doesn't mean that I can slack off.


    Check this tweet out. From the looks of things, DHX Media is still gathering writers. Writers, as you know, write. Pony writers usually write episodes. This late in the process, it is... unlikely that Ms. Levinger was brought on to handle any of the already announced 13 episodes of Season 3. Are we already seeing hints of an extension? A fourth season? A movie? Quickly, get in here and speculate baselessly below!

    ...Please don't leave me alone.

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