• Manestream Games Announces Day One DLC and Special Editions for Upcoming Game

    For all of the fans out there frothing at the mouth for the upcoming Cutie Mark Crusade: A Dash of Adventure game, it looks like they have some really awesome treats in store for you!  Your base client just gained the option to become 20% cooler, for only 30 dollars more!

    Check out their page for more details, and their press release after the break!


    Announcing manestreamgames.com subscriber exclusive add-ons, unique in-game items, and a bonus OST!

    Hoping to achieve your whinnies of approval and stop just horsing around with you, Manestream Games is pleased to announce the introductory lineup to an extensive collection of downloadable content, exclusively-timed for the loyal subscribers of manestreamgames.com. Titled The Hooves of Destiny™, this unique collection of goodies will certainly please any trotting fawns out there. For only 30 pony-bits™ (or 29.99 USD), the hardcore gamer in you can upgrade their pre-order to the Legendary Edition Box-Set Bundle Pack™ and experience CMC: DA as it was meant to eventually be played.

    “Players will finally be able to experience the game as it was almost meant to be played,” developer and co-founder bufbaf said, “and with cool stuff like Star Swirl the Bearded’s Wings™, Nimbus Knight Armor™, and Quizzical Calculator™ mini-games inside Twilight’s library, the fun literally cannot be doubled anymore”. Co-founder Orcastrar agrees, stating merely that “We shipped a great product, and now we’ve shipped a product that, by my calculations, is at least at 20% greater value”.

    To show their support for the fanbase, Manestream Games is also releasing a timed-exclusive demo of a track from the OST expansion: Hoofbeats: Scootaloo Sounds™ found below.

    For more information and an extended version of this press release, please visit http://www.manestreamgames.com/ Remember to stop by frequently for the newest, a-mare-nzest updates!

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