• Story Updates January 28th (Evening)

    Story Update time! Drawfriend took a bit longer than usual, so the normal order is out the window.  Expect that in around 20 minutes!

    While you wait, go read stuff.

    Story: Knights of Equestria (Update Story 2 Part 15!)


    Author: Solaris90
    Description: All heroes face temptation. When Twilight and others
    face their darkest hour, which heroes will fall and which will be left
    to face the coming darkness? Do the Lights of the Six have any hope of
    shining once more?
    Knights of Equestria

    Story: Moonbeam (Update Story 2, Chapter 8!)

    [Normal] More Luna!

    Author: Laurence Brown
    Description: Having trouble making friends, Princess Luna decides that using some magic might be just the thing to help her out. Things don't go as planned, however, when the spell she casts gives her some unexpected results!

    Story: Envy and Arrogance (Update Part 6!)

    [Adventure] [Tragedy]

    Description: With the help of forces beyond their control, six friends discover their true importance in Equestria’s timeline. With this new knowledge in hoof, they must try to figure out whom or what has crosshairs on their foreheads. The Elements of Harmony aren’t the only weapons of mass destruction in Equestria.
    Envy and Arrogance


    Story: Silly Species Swapping (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal] I have nothing for this story, so have some impossibly cute Romana.

    Author: Roboshi
    Description: An attempt to break new ground in the world of magic goes terribly wrong for Twilight and the Mane cast find themselves with the wrong abilities. Can they deal with this change? Can Twilight set things right without magic? And what powers did Pinkie get?
    Silly Species Swapping


    Story: Aitran (Update Part 9!)


    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: Twilight has discovered a strange old book purportedly written by Star Swirl the Bearded, and Rainbow Dash discovers a latent spell in it that transports the two ponies to a strange island in the middle of nowhere. With no viable options for a quick trip back available to them, Twilight and Rainbow begin to search the island for clues to a way home and the reason behind the odd puzzles and contraptions presented to them.

    Story: Human (Update Part 7!)

    [Adventure][Comedy][Light Grimdark][Sad]

    Author: DannyJ
    Description: A thousand years ago, when the royal sisters were at the height of their power and the Elements of Harmony were still alive, two legendary beings emerged to take their place among them, and though through trial and hardship the ponies eventually defeated these two so called 'Humans' that they had named the First and the Second, to this day nopony knows who they were, where they came from, and what their motivation was.

    Flash forward to the present day. The First is long dead and the Second is now a decoration in Celestia's sculpture garden. The land has been at peace for years, but now things are stirring again. A break in at the royal archives results in the theft of the ancient Reaper's Horn, an entity is released which seeks out the surviving human, a young colt learns of the legends of humanity and becomes enraptured with them, and a brotherhood of thirteen ponies of varying ages and backgrounds all come together with the sole intention of releasing the human of legend from his stone prison. And all throughout, one of the few surviving ponies who was there when this first began is left to ask herself, "Just what were they anyway?"

    Story: A New Equestria (Update 13!)


    Author: Mist
    Description: Seven years ago The Knights of Celestia marched into battle. Under direct order from Celestia, and commanded by Twilight Sparkle, they ran into battle against their unknown enemy. That was seven years ago, and now all that is left are the bodies and remains of a once majestic land. What happened to Equestria? More importantly, what will happen now?
    A New Equestria

    Story: The Steadfast Sky (Update Part 11+12!)

    [Adventure][Friendshipping] Remember when stories used to have witty blog author or pre-reader quotes to go along with them? Yeah, me neither.

    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: Celestia, Luna, and Discord grow into their godhood by unearthing the Elements of Harmony and using them to fight an evil tyrant ruling over Equestria. But there are some demons the team’s friendship cannot overcome.
    The Steadfast Sky

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