• Story: Aitran (Update Story 2 Complete!)


    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: Twilight has discovered a strange old book purportedly written by Star Swirl the Bearded, and Rainbow Dash discovers a latent spell in it that transports the two ponies to a strange island in the middle of nowhere. With no viable options for a quick trip back available to them, Twilight and Rainbow begin to search the island for clues to a way home and the reason behind the odd puzzles and contraptions presented to them.

    Atrian (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Ponies go to Myst


    Description: Twilight and Rainbow are asked by Star Swirl the Bearded to take on the challenge of finding his lost wife and daughter in the decaying world of Sohndar, which is ruled by an old enemy of Star Swirl's family who has been trapped there for uncounted years. Although their adventures in the worlds of Aitran have given our heroes the confidence to succeed, they'll soon find that Sohndar is an entirely different bale of hay.
    Sohndar (New Part 12-15!)

    Sohndar (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: The ponies go to Riven

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