• Short French Pony Documentary Translated

    I don't have any french ponies to use! Ridiculous.

    Last night in the roundup, I tossed a video in there from a French news group.  Sadly there weren't any captions or anything, so most of you couldn't understand it! luckily a few people went through and translated all of it.  For the most part it's actually really well researched, imagine that?

    Check the video out here (turn on captions in the Youtube menu), as well as the entire translation in text form.

    And the text

    My little pony makes children happy in the playgrounds since almost 30 years. This well known toy going through generations has been the subject of several cartoon series for little children. But today, My little pony make the happiness of the grown up on the Internet !
    Between parodies, photo-montage and Internet site dedicated to the pony-mania. It’s the craziest buzz of the Internet. Explanations: “All fans of my little pony”

    Sometime we take some hard time to explain the unexplainable, that’s what the Internet users are trying to do to try to understand how a cartoon for little girl became an adult phenomenon. Like every 10 years since 1981, the toy maker markets a new generation of little ponies. In 2010, to boost the marketing, he (the toy maker) calls Lauren Faust, a creator designed to imagine a new cartoon. On October 10th, the first episode of “My little pony: Friendship is magic” is aired on the “HUB network”.
    10 days after the airing, a famous blogger, Amid Hamidi, attack the series and denounce the cartoon to be nothing else than a marketing hit. This create tons of reactions on the forums dedicated to the cartoon. And, surprise, this debate arouses the interest of the web for the little ponies. Immediately, the episodes of “My little pony” start to be on youtube. Unlike the previous versions that were only for little girls, the new version of the cartoon is clearly addressed to an older audience.
    To seduce the adults, the cartoon is full of hidden references that the children can’t see. Like the scene, willingly inspired from “Star Wars”.
    Exited by this discovery, the Internet users, who don’t have anything else to do (joke voice), meet by thousands on the forums and decide to create a community. From now on, the fans of My little pony are called the Bronies, Like the cake.
    Bronies meet up on the forums to comment the episodes, post videos or photos of their favorites ponies. Flattered, the creators of the cartoon go on the forum to talk with the fans, well yes. May 27th 2011 is aired on the Internet a trailer clearly for the bronies. It’s in fact a parody of “California Girls” that has been imagined by the creators of the series to thanks the fans.
    They are more the a million to see this video on youtube. This complicity between fans and creators is a big reason about the pony-mania boom on the Internet.
    But this pony craze isn’t appreciated by everyone. Some users are fed up to see them invading the Internet and declare a war without any mercy. Exceeded, they ban the bronies from the forums. Misunderstood, they create their own sites like “Ponychan”, a blog entirely dedicated to the bronies. Then comes the heavy artillery, “Equestria Daily”. This site counts the number of views about my little pony pages, the counters already passed 114 000 000 ! And now here comes “MyLittlebrony.com”. Genuine bible of the My little pony culture, this site gives a big boost to the phenomenon. Fans have fun to decline the little ponies in every possible way, and in company of unexpected people like Barack Obama, Poutine, Chuck Norris and even Jesus ! The pony-mania is about to become a proper religion and her follower don’t deny it. They want to convert all the Internet users by disclosing a peace message, Friendship is magic.

    Here is one year since the web is passionated by these four leg characters. From a simple cartoon is born a community with millions of Internet users. Far away from the playgrounds, the pony-mania is certainly the most shifted phenomenon of the Internet.
    (Thanks to Antoine for that!)

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